1. Are you the PJ Thompson who posts to … ?  

The PJ Thompsons I Am

The one at pj-thompson.com, the one on LJ (but not LJWorld.com), the one on Dreamwidth, the pj_thompson on Twitter, the one on RT Book Reviews. I also occasionally post comments as NotThatPJ on some sites. And that’s about it. Watch this space for updates—but don’t hold your breath.

PJ Thompsons I Am Not

I am not a basketball player. I am also not the PJ Thompson on Facebook, the one on MySpace, the one on YouTube, the one at pjthompson.com, the one at LinkedIn, the one on Twitter (although I am the pj_thompson on Twitter), the one on Helium, the writer in medical journals, the one on Yahoo Answers, the ones on TravelPod or Epinions, the Chiropodist, the condominium specialist, the one on Creative Commons…the list is fairly endless. Can’t seem to spit in any direction without hitting a PJ Thompson. We are an army. We are mighty.

  2. Which is your favorite Beatle?  
       When I was ten, it was Paul. When I was thirteen, it was George. Now that I'm a bit older, it's John. Ringo never had a shot, poor boy.  
  3. What's in those sealed files that earned you the label of Danger Gal?  
        Well, there was that spot of bother just after the war when it looked like Chiang Kai Shek might actually beat back the rebels led by Mao. He did have the alliance with the aliens from Zeta Reticuli, after all. They're such nasty bastards, though. The Zeta Reticulans, that is. (Although the Maoists weren't exactly milk maids.) The ZR's just couldn't be allowed such deep inroads into the governance of Good Ol' Planet Earth. Much worse than the Red Menace, I assure you.

     The rest, I'm afraid, is still classified under penalty of death.

     One sometimes has to choose between two less than optimal outcomes. That's the way it works in the shadow government. The masses have no idea how hard it is working for the Trilateral Commission, or the sacrifices we have to make so they can continue in their illusions...But I digress.

  4. Mac or PC?  
       Definitely Mac.  
  5. What's with the monks in fedoras?   
        That's between me and my web designer, but you may want to hover your cursor over their disembodied heads.  
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